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Sunday, December 1st 2019

December 2019


  • Next.js Deployments created via Git don't render debug logs anymore.
  • The "Functions" tab available on every deployment now shows the requests of all Serverless Functions by default.
  • Node.js 8 has reached end-of-life. New deployments using Node.js 8.10.x will print a warning in the deployment logs today and will fail to build starting 2020-01-06.


  • Shortened domain's TXT verification records to 10 characters.
  • Domain Redirects now work on Internet Explorer.
  • A suggestion is now being rendered if you're using the alias property in now.json instead of configuring them on the "Domains" tab on the dashboard.
  • Purchasing domains now allows for adding a credit card directly in the purchasing flow, instead of having to switch to a separate page.
  • Clicking "Buy" on the dashboard's "Domains" tab now retains the active team.
  • After purchasing a Domain, you will now be taken to the "Domains" tab on the dashboard, instead of the documentation.
  • Just like on the "Domains" tab on the dashboard, the alias property in now.json can now contain up to 50 Domains.
  • Wildcard Domains are now being excluded from the "Redirect to" Domain feature.


  • Logs can now render visual ASCII layouts.
  • The "Deployment Duration" shown for every deployment now doesn't include the duration for which your deployment was queued anymore.
  • Team slugs are now automatically lowercased, when entered with uppercase characters.
  • Updated fieldset footer to clarify that we support YouTube and Image links for Integration feature media.
  • Interested partners on /partners are now able to out via the email address.