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Saturday, August 1st 2020

August 2020


  • The Node.js version available to newly created Deployments was bumped from 12.16.2 to 12.18.3. No changes to your code are required – you only need to create a new one.
  • The RedwoodJS framework is now automatically detected when creating new Vercel Projects using the Dashboard or Vercel CLI.
  • When redeploying a Deployment or promoting it to Production, a new pipeline is used, which drastically increases the reliability of the features.
  • Custom uploaded SSL Certificates will now take precedence over SSL Certificates that were generated by the system.
  • If a Runtime fails to install from npm during the Build Step of a Deployment, the error will now be surfaced in the build logs.
  • For new Projects, selecting "Other" as the framework preset in the Project Settings will no longer auto-detect the Next.js framework. Existing Projects are not affected.
  • If a vercel-build script is present in package.json, that will be now be preferred over an existing build script.


  • The "Visit" button on the Deployment View now always links to the URL of the Deployment – no matter which other Domains were assigned to it.
  • Every Project listed the Dashboard now has a "Updated" indicator, which reflects when the Project's settings were last changed and when a Deployment was created for it the last time.
  • The Production Deployment card on the Project View now uses a deterministic way of deciding your "Primary Domain", which is the Domain that serves your visitors. This is done by finding a Domain in the Project Settings that neither has a Redirect, nor a Git Branch and that is the shortest (alphabetically sorted). Based on that Domain, your current Production Deployment will be resolved.
  • The "Visit" button on the Project View now uses the same logic as described above to determine which Domain to link to.
  • Below the Production Deployment card on the Project View, the upcoming Deployment that will become your current Production Deployment is now rendered.
  • It's now possible to select RedwoodJS as a framework preset in the Project Settings.
  • Toggling the Logs and Source Protection field in the Project Settings will now effect all Deployments created before July 9th, 2020 at 7:05 AM (UTC) too. Deployments created before this date used to be excluded.
  • Screenshots of Deployments will no longer mistakenly render a login screenshot.
  • Creating a new Project from a public GitLab repository will no longer require the destination Vercel scope to be connected to GitLab. Instead, you can also use GitHub or Bitbucket.
  • Creating a new Project will now render a regular text field for the Environment Variable value. It will only change into a larger text field if a multi-line string is pasted or if the shift key is held while pressing enter.
  • It's now possible to create a new Project from a GitLab repository located within a GitLab subgroup.
  • Adjusted Build and Development Settings while creating a new Project from a Git repository or Template will now be retained when changing the viewport width.
  • It's now possible to create a new Team with special characters in its name (such as umlauts) while creating a new Project from a Git repository or Template. Previously, a duplicate Team with a different name was created.
  • Creating a new Project from a Git repository will no longer indefinitely render loading indicators in place of the framework logos within the Root Directory selection page the second time the same Git repository is used.
  • Creating a new Project from a Git repository will no longer retain any errors for subsequent times the same Git repository is used.
  • Updating the Git Integration configuration in the Project Settings will no longer render an empty confirmation toast.
  • It's no longer possible to leave a Team if you're the last confirmed Team Member. In that case, you will be prompted to delete it instead.
  • The buttons for redeploying or deleting a Deployment will no longer be visible for public Deployments that are accessed by someone that is not the owner.
  • When taking a screenshot of a Deployment, the Dashboard will now set a special user agent that allows customers to filter out the request in analytics.
  • The confirmation message that shows up when requesting the deletion of a Personal Account or Team was adjusted to reflect the new deletion buffer time of 4 days.


  • A more helpful "Name" column will now be rendered for CNAME and A DNS Record suggestions on the Domains page in the Project Settings.
  • Whenever a Domain is configured using a CNAME or A DNS Record, but also contains a conflicting CAA or AAAA record, a helpful message will be rendered on the respective Domain entry in the Project Settings.


  • Whenever a Deployment created by a Git Integration fails or is canceled, the respective comment on the Pull Request will now reflect the new state.
  • Pull Requests augmented by the Git Integrations will no longer render "In Progress" for both the "Inspect" and the "Preview" URL.


  • All commands related to Domains were adjusted to match the Dashboard's behavior.
  • When uploading files for a Deployment, Vercel CLI will now try to re-use existing connections instead of opening many new ones.
  • All the features and behavior related to ZEIT Now 1.0 was removed from Vercel CLI.
  • Whenever vercel dev is invoked for a local directory that is not yet linked to a Vercel Project, the command will automatically offer linking it.
  • A new vercel link command was added for linking your local directory to a Vercel Project.
  • The Development Command invoked by vercel dev will now receive a x-vercel-deployment-url header with every incoming request again.
  • The message that recommends upgrading Vercel CLI will no longer be displayed if the installed version is already the most recent one.


  • All documentation pages related to ZEIT Now 1.0 were removed.
  • Tokens will now expire after 10 days of inactivity.
  • All packages owned by Vercel that have names starting with now- or @now were marked as deprecated on npm.