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Wednesday, April 1st 2020

April 2020


  • Dark mode will now automatically be enabled depending on your system settings. To overwrite it, use the Theme switcher accessible from your avatar menu.
  • When importing a third party Git repository or a template, the UI now provides a helpful message if it wasn't able to create a Git repository for you on the connected Git account.
  • When importing a Git repository, the UI now renders a proper error for when a required configuration file is not present.
  • After adding an Environment Variable to a project, the focus is shifted back onto the "Name" input, to make adding more of them easy.


  • The endpoint for canceling building deployments was added to the API reference.
  • Retrieving projects and secrets is possible using pagination, for which the documentation was now properly updated.
  • The documentation for the rewrites, redirects and headers configuration properties now mentions the maximum amount of allowed entries.

Git Integration

  • Renaming your personal GitHub account or GitHub organization will not affect the behavior of the Git Integration anymore.


  • The legacy Advanced plan has been shut down entirely.
  • All teams are now able to customize their invoices on the Billing page, without having to opt into an additional feature.
  • Preview Deployment Suffix is now available as an additional feature for all teams on the new Pro plan.


  • Deployments in projects created after April 30, 2020 00:00 (UTC) will not automatically receive Git Environment Variables. Projects created after this date should explicitly set System Environment Variables to consume Git-related information.