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Monday, September 20th 2021

At Next.js Conf 2021, let’s make the Web. Faster.

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Tim Neutkens

Software Engineer

The next Web is faster, more collaborative, more personalized, and built by you. We’re throwing a party for Next.js as it turns 5—have you claimed your ticket?

Register now at

Get the most out of Next.js Conf 2021 

This year, Next.js is delivering a more global and personalized experience for every visitor, and we’re making that happen by delivering a faster, more dynamic developer experience (DX). 

To kick things off, join Guillermo Rauch, CEO of Vercel and co-creator of Next.js, for the keynote at 9 a.m. PST on October 26. 

Stick around after the keynote to hear from the Next.js team, members of the community and sponsors who will be diving deep into the details of new and favorite features.

Become part of the action yourself by joining the presenters and attendees in our Community Discord.  

Tell your story. Come speak! 

Join the speaker lineup and inspire the community with your story of what you’ve built using Next.js. Tell us how Next.js helped improve your experience as a developer, your site’s UX, or how it helped your team solve a problem. Next.js Conf is where the community comes together to share their wins and pave the way for the future, so please submit a proposal and share your story. 

Have a product or service you think the Next.js community will love? 

Please email to learn how you can sponsor Next.js Conf. 

Let’s make the Web. Faster. 

Claim your ticket at and check back for more announcements and updates. We’ll see you soon!