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Wednesday, October 11th 2023

Announcing v0: Generative UI

What will you ship?

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Jared Palmer

VP of Product, AI

A few weeks ago, we introduced v0: a product that makes website creation as simple as describing your ideas. We call it Generative UI—combining the best practices of frontend development with the potential of generative AI.

The interest in v0 has been incredible, with 100,000 people registering for the waitlist in just three weeks. Today, we’re transitioning v0 from Alpha to Beta, rolling out access to 5,000 additional users, and introducing subscription plans for those who want to unlock the full v0 feature set.

About v0

Our goal is to help developers build the first iteration of their product. Like Ingo, who built the first version of their Resume Builder product with v0. Or Braintrust, a new AI platform that built its pricing page using v0.

Here’s how it works:

  • Describe the interface you want to build
  • v0 produces code using open-source tools like React, Tailwind CSS, and Shadcn UI
  • Select an iteration and keep editing in v0
  • When you're ready, copy and paste that code into your app and develop from there

Learn more about how v0 works.

v0 Subscription Plans

v0 offers a free plan and three paid plans. If you are on a paid plan, you’ll also have the option to purchase more credits on-demand as needed. A “credit” is a method of payment tied to generations. Each generation costs ten credits, except for the first generation, which costs 30 credits.

  • Free: $0 per month includes 200 credits
  • Basic: $10/month includes 1,500 credits
  • Standard: $30/month includes 5,000 credits
  • Premium: $50/month includes 10,000 credits

Read more about v0 pricing.

What's Ahead

v0 is the starting point for the next generation of user interfaces. As we continue to build, we’ll also be adding new features like support for custom design systems, theming, transforming images to code, and further security and access controls.

What will you ship? Get started today.

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