When using third-party services such as databases, you may encounter the option to restrict incoming traffic to your resource to a specific IP address or address range.

Vercel deployments use dynamic IP addresses to ensure maximum scalability. As a result, it is not possible to determine the deployment IP address or address range because the IP may change at any time as the deployment scales instances or across regions.

Allow All IP Addresses

To ensure your Vercel deployment is able to access the external resource, you should allow connections from all IP addresses. Typically this can be achieved by entering an IP address of (

While this may sound concerning, to allow connections from all IP addresses, research has shown that relying on IP allowlisting for security is ineffective and can lead to weak passwords being used.

To properly secure your database, we recommend using a randomly generated password, stored as an environment variable, at least 32 characters in length, and to rotate this password on a regular basis.

Warning: In all cases, you should use SSL when connecting to a database.