How do I change my Nameservers on Vercel?

Nameservers are used to resolve domain names to IP addresses. Domains that have Nameservers managed by Vercel are able to edit DNS records directly from the dashboard and are much simpler to integrate with your projects.

Sometimes however, you may need to delegate nameserver management to another host. This article covers how to do this.

Contact Vercel Support

For domains registered with Vercel, you'll need to contact Vercel Support using the support form to change your Nameservers. In most cases, we've found that customers who register domains with Vercel want to use their domains with Vercel projects and so we've made this a manual process to reduce the potential for unwanted errors.

While this is a manual process for now, we do have plans to very shortly make available the option of changing Nameservers from the Vercel dashboard.

For domains that are not registered with Vercel, you can change the Nameservers directly from the domain registrar's dashboard.

Updated October 7th 2020