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Pair the speed and reliability of Split’s feature flag with data to safely launch your releases and experiments.

Split’s Vercel Integration lets you easily incorporate feature flags and experiments into your Edge application and work streams.

Thanks to the zero latency storage provided by Vercel Edge Config we can make feature flags immediately available to SDKs within the Vercel network. This improves performance and load experience when deploying features and experiments; all while Split keeps the data up-to-date.

Additional Information


This integration is available on all Split tiers: Developers (free), Teams, Business, and Enterprise.

To configure this integration a Split Admin is required.

Next steps

Calculating flags

To evaluate your feature flags use the Browser SDK and our Edge Config wrapper from the vercel-integration-utils npm package.

With this wrapper, the SDK reads the feature flag data cached at the Edge. The item key can be copied from the integration configuration page.

See more details here.

When does the data sync

Every time an update is made to a feature flag or a segment definition on a linked Split environment, the corresponding Edge Config entry will be updated with the most recent data snapshot.

Managing the integration

To read or update the integration settings please use the Configure button.