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Makeswift is a composable layout and content management system that gives marketers and designers visual control of modern websites. With Makeswift, engineers can give marketers custom building blocks by integrating React components into Makeswift’s visual builder. Makeswift integrates into your codebase like a headless CMS, but the difference is marketers and designers can use our no code builder for the majority of their content and layout needs out of the box, only having to rely on engineering for isolated custom component development.

Additional Information

This integration will take your Makeswift site's API key and set it as the MAKESWIFT_SITE_API_KEY environment variable in your Vercel project. It will also set the MAKESWIFT_API_ORIGIN environment variable to

In addition, it will take the deployed URL of your site and set it as the custom host URL in your Makeswift site.

The best way to use this integration is via a deploy button in one of our example READMEs. e.g.

Get started with Vercel and Makeswift.