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Collect logs across your stack with SQL-compatible structured logging at an unbeatable price. Start collecting logs from your Vercel projects in minutes.

Store your logs in a structured format and search them easily with SQL. Create actionable dashboards with hosted Grafana. Receive automatic anomaly detection alerts. Archive important log fragments, add comments, share links, and easily collaborate with colleagues.

All that for less than any Elastic stack alternative thanks to our custom-built data pipeline for storing and processing logs.

Additional Information

We will set up a log drain for each of your selected projects. Vercel will automatically start sending your logs to Logtail and they'll appear in real-time on the Live Tail page. You can search your logs and archive interesting bits and pieces for later.

For a more in-depth analysis go to the Explore with SQL page and use the language you know to find the information you need.

Add structured logging

Take advantage of our client library and add custom structured log messages to your serverless functions or to your frontend app. We automatically create LOGTAIL_SOURCE_TOKEN and NEXT_PUBLIC_LOGTAIL_SOURCE_TOKEN environment variables that will help you initialize the client library. See it in action in our demo project.

Get started with Vercel and Logtail.