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Hasura gives you instant GraphQL and REST APIs for all your data. Build your apps using Next.js and deploy on Vercel with a Hasura Cloud backend for a powerful fullstack development.

  • Build modern apps & APIs 10x faster
  • Built in Authorization & Caching
  • Blazing fast GraphQL & REST APIs
  • Open source

Additional Information

A GraphQL Endpoint will be created for each project. You can configure the database connection using the Hasura Console for the project.

Here are some of the environment variables that get auto-populated on your connected Vercel projects.

  • HASURA_PROJECT_ENDPOINT - GraphQL API endpoint of the Hasura Cloud project.
  • NEXT_PUBLIC_HASURA_PROJECT_ENDPOINT - GraphQL API endpoint to be exposed on the Next.js browser client.
  • HASURA_ADMIN_SECRET - Admin secret key to access your GraphQL API.
Get started with Vercel and Hasura.