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In Development


EdgeDB is a spiritual successor to SQL-based relational databases. It thinks about data the same way you do: as objects containing properties and links to other objects.

Built on a robust type system and powered by the Postgres query engine, EdgeDB provides a developer experience no ORM or relational database can match.

This includes:

  • Flexible object-oriented schema definition language with support for indexes, constraints, and computed fields,

  • First-class migration system that’s baked directly into the database,

  • Next-generation query language, EdgeQL, making nested queries painless (no more JOINs!) and truly intuitive,

  • Blazing-fast performance that matches the best hand-written SQL,

  • Scalable, serverless-ready connection infrastructure,

  • Client libraries for Node.js, Python, Deno, Go, and Rust,

  • Typescript query builder that can infer the result type of any EdgeQL query.

Over the next couple months we’ll be launching EdgeDB Cloud and making the Vercel integration generally available.