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Couchbase Capella

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Couchbase Capella is an award-winning distributed NoSQL cloud database-as-a-service that delivers unmatched versatility, performance, and scalability. As a developer, you can leverage Capella's fast and flexible cloud database platform to build applications that offer premium user experiences while keeping costs in check. Capella simplifies the development process by providing built-in application services and a query language based on SQL, enabling effortless creation of highly reliable apps.

Pairing Couchbase Capella with Vercel unlocks a powerful combination that amplifies frontend development capabilities. Vercel's highly scalable cloud platform allows you to craft frontend applications using various frameworks without compromising on performance.

Additional Information

This integration enables connection between your Vercel projects and an existing Capella database or a new trial database. The integration automatically creates the necessary credentials and allows the proper IP addresses to ensure successful connection.

The integration will automatically set the following environment variables to connect Capella to your Vercel environment:

  • CB_CONNECT_STRING - The connection string for your Couchbase database, starts with couchbases://
  • CB_BUCKET - The Couchbase bucket you'd like to connect to
  • CB_USERNAME - The username of an authorized user on your database
  • CB_PASSWORD - The password that corresponds to the user specified above