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ButterCMS is your content backend. An API-first CMS + blog platform that marketers + developers love. Build better with Butter.

Use any language/framework

Butter's clean JSON API is easy to integrate with apps built in your favorite frameworks: Next.js, Angular, React, and more.

Powerful Editor

Our content dashboard is friendly for non-technical users.

Setup in minutes. Scale to infinity.

Get up and running in minutes using our SDK's. Butter content API is served via Fastly’s CDN and caching network for lighting fast response times. Your media assets are stored and delivered via AWS Cloudfront.

Additional Information

View your ButterCMS Dashboard

After installing the integration, you can view your ButterCMS dashboard

ButterCMS API Token Environment Variable

Installing this integration will automatically set the NEXT_PUBLIC_BUTTER_CMS_API_KEY env variable in your project(s) which will be set to your ButterCMS API token. View your API token.

Get started with Vercel and ButterCMS.