Can I use wildcard domains without switching to Vercel Nameservers?

By default, we require wildcard domains to use Vercel nameservers to issue TLS certificates (and renew them automatically).

See: Why must we use the Domain Nameservers method for Wildcard Domains on Vercel? for more details.


Step 1 - Create NS records

If you can't change your apex domain's nameservers (e.g., your DNS provider doesn't allow it), you can create NS records on _acme-challenge subdomain instead as a secondary option.

For example, if you add * to your project domains, you can create NS records listed below:

Record Type







Similarly, if you add *, you can add NS records for subdomain.

This can be used to delegate the _acme-challenge subdomain to Vercel nameservers, and other subdomains continue to use the current DNS provider's name servers as before.

Please note: Using this method may prevent other hosting providers from creating certificates for their service and should only be used if you cannot change your name servers.

Step 2 - Enable Vercel DNS

Go to the Domains page and select the Apex domain. Then, click the Enable Vercel DNS button to activate the Vercel DNS.

Enable Vercel DNS
Enable Vercel DNS

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