How does Vercel handle copyright infringement claims?

At Vercel, we take claims of copyright infringement very seriously. It is important to know that Vercel does not control the content on websites hosted by Vercel and that Vercel cannot remove specific content from websites that it does not own or control.

Copyright Owners

If you are the copyright owner of content posted or otherwise accessible on a website hosted by Vercel, and you believe that materials accessible on or from that website infringe your copyright, please contact the administrator of that website directly to have the content removed. The website and/or administrator might specify the manner in which you are to request a takedown under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, commonly known as the “DMCA,” and the procedures you should follow.

Service Providers

Since some of Vercel’s customers are considered “Service Providers” under Section 512(k)(1) of the DMCA, before providing Vercel with a Notice of Infringement (as defined below), copyright owners must first attempt to resolve the alleged infringement issue with the website administrator and/or owner directly (and submit complaints directly to the DMCA agent designated by such customer), as these individuals have the ability to quickly remove content that infringes on copyrighted materials.

Dispute Resoluton

If you are unable to resolve the dispute with the administrator and/or owner of the website at issue, Vercel will do its part to assist you in protecting your rights, whether you are the owner of an infringed copyright or the owner of content that was wrongly taken-down. The Vercel DMCA Policy sets forth two procedures you should know about: (i) a takedown-notice procedure for copyright holders to request that infringing content be removed (“Notice of Infringement”), and (ii) a counter-notice procedure for users to get content re-enabled when content is taken down by mistake (“Counter-Notification”). The Vercel Counter-Notification Policy outlines the process Vercel will follow and the processes you must follow when either occurs. There are time periods in which you must act and respond so please read the policy carefully.

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