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How do I transfer my domain to Vercel?

By transferring your domain into Vercel, you allow Vercel to manage the DNS records for the domain and can use it with any Projects listed under the account the domain is owned by.

This article covers the key information you need to be aware of when transferring a domain to Vercel, along with the process required to do so.

Step 1: Verifying Transfer Eligibility

Due to ICANN rules, a domain must be registered with a registrar for 60 days before it can be transferred to another. You will need to confirm this with your registrar before attempting the transfer to Vercel.

If the domain has not been registered with the current registrar for at least 60 days, the domain transfer will fail.

Additionally, some domains cannot be transferred to Vercel as the TLD may not be supported. To check this, click on the Transfer in button in the Vercel Domains Dashboard and enter in your domain. The authorization code should remain blank.

If an error states that the TLD is not supported, transferring the domain to Vercel is not possible but the domain can still be used without compromise and managed externally.

If a clientTransferProhibited error arises, it may be possible to unlock the domain and proceed with the transfer.


To find further information on ICANN rules, visit the ICANN website.

Step 2: Unlock the Domain

Once you have verified your domain's eligibility to transfer, proceed with unlocking your domain in your registrar's domain settings. Most domains are usually locked by default to prevent anauthorized changes. If this option is not available, contact your registrar to change this.

Step 3: Obtain Authorization Code

After unlocking the domain (if required), you will need to obtain an authorization code. This may be available in the domain registrars dashboard. If it is not available, contact your registrar to obtain this.

Step 4: Transferring to Vercel

After obtaining the authorization code, click on the Transfer in button in the Vercel Domains Dashboard and enter in your domain and respective authorization code.

Transferring in a domain via the Vercel Dashboard.


For more information regarding transferring in your domain to Vercel, please refer to our in-depth guide.

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