How do I remove a domain from my Vercel account?

Sometimes you want to completely dissasociate a domain from your project and account in general. Read on to learn how to remove all traces of a domain from your account.

Remove Domain Via Project Settings

To remove a domain from your account, you can quickly navigate to the relevant Project by appending /_src to your domain, which will take you to the source view of the Deployment Inspector.

From there, you can click on the Project name in the top breadcrumb navigatigation and go over to the Project's settings to remove the domain.

Remove Domain Via Account

If you navigate to the domains section of your dashboard, you'll find a list of all the domains under your account. You can delete the domain by clicking on the Delete menu item that gets exposed after clicking on the triple-dot menu toggle.

Removing a domain from a Vercel account.
Removing a domain from a Vercel account.

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