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Custom 404 Page

In most cases, creating and deploying a custom 404 page for your application will work without any additional configuration.

If you wish to create a custom 404 page, you should follow your framework's documentation.

If your framework doesn't support a custom 404 page, there are a couple solutions depending on the type of framework you're using, SPA or SSG.

These applications have a single page (index.html) and only support client-side routing. You can configure your router to handle the case when no route is matched, usually called a wildcard.

These applications generate multiple HTML pages (index.html, about.html, etc) during the Build Step.

Emit a 404.html file to your Output Directory and it will be served as the 404 page when a route does not match any other static file.

Instead of serving HTML, you may want to serve JSON or other formats when an API does not exist.

First, create a Serverless Function that sets the status code to 404 and responds with a message body of your choice.

module.exports = (req, res) => {
  res.status(404).json({ message: 'Not Found' });

A /api/404.js file that sets that status code to 404 and responds with a JSON body.

Then, add an entry at the bottom of rewrites in vercel.json to ensure that the 404 Serverless Function will execute if nothing else matches in the /api directory.

  "rewrites": [{ "source": "/api/(.*)", "destination": "/api/404.js" }]

A wildcard source for requests that don't match an existing Serverless Function and proxies to the /api/404.js Serverless Function.

This means that visiting /api/does-not-exist will respond with a JSON 404 and visiting /does-not-exist will respond with a HTML 404 (the 404.html from the earlier section).

If you need to assign a different file as the custom 404 page, you can add a vercel.json file with routes.

  "routes": [
    { "handle": "filesystem" },
    { "src": "/(.*)", "status": 404, "dest": "/other-404.html" }

A vercel.json file, assigning other-404.html as the 404 page for any path not matched in the filesystem.

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