How do I create a minimal reproducible example for Vercel Support?

When requesting help from Vercel Support, providing a minimal reproducible example can provide you with a faster resolution for your request. This is because it focuses solely on the issue you are facing.

In addition to this, creating a minimal reproducible example can help identify quickly if you are facing a platform or code related error.

Creating the Example

The example you create should focus only on the issue being faced. For example, this could be achieved by using a basic starter template for a framework and adding only the required code to produce the error.

To guide you, your example should follow the below principles:

  • Minimal – Use as little code as possible to show the problem.
  • Self-contained – The code should have all parts required in order to reproduce the problem.
  • Public – Your code must not contain any sensitive information or intellectual property and be publicly available - this allows Vercel Support to escalate issues to product engineers.
  • Reproducible – The app must be building locally without errors, and the issue is shown clearly when deployed on the platform.

Please make sure to provide the example through a publicly available Git repository using a provider of your choice.

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