Can I connect a Pro team to a personal Git account?

Vercel allows you to connect one Git account to a single Vercel account, this can be either a Hobby or Pro team account.

Hobby accounts are free forever and are designed for personal projects, normally assosciated with an individual Git account.

While it is possible to connect a personal Git account to a Vercel Pro team account, due to the way these types of account work, there are a few limitations to be aware of and doing so is not recommended.


As you can only connect a Git account to a single Vercel account, you will not be able to connect it to your Vercel Hobby account.

It is not possible to connect a GitHub organization, GitLab group, or Bitbucket team to a Vercel Hobby account. Therefore, if you connect your personal Git account to your Vercel Pro team, you may be left without a Git account you can connect to your Vercel Hobby account.

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