Can I use my domain on Vercel with A records?

Yes, you can configure your domains with A record to point them to Vercel, but this is only required for your Apex domains in most cases. We recommend using a CNAME record for subdomains unless there are special circumstances.

Using a Domain With A Records

To use a domain with Vercel using an A record, you need to add it with the value, which is one of the primary Anycast IP addresses of the Vercel Edge Network.

Additionally, if you already have any CAA records on your root domain, it is also necessary to include a CAA record with the value 0 issue "" to allow our certificate authority Let's Encrypt, to be able to issue a certificate for that domain. See: Why is my domain not automatically generating an SSL certificate? for more details.

If you followed the instructions above successfully, your domain will be available for use on any Vercel project that you own.

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