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Ruggable's Optimization Strategies for a Performant, Headless Storefront

Your ecommerce brand deserves a fast, scalable site that converts.

Take it from Ruggable: With their composable tech stack built with Vercel and Contentful, they experience highly optimized site performance, SEO, conversions, and developer experience (DevEx)—plus they had a zero-downtime Black Friday.

This virtual session brings together experts from Ruggable, Contentful, and Vercel, who will cover:

  • How Vercel empowers really fast sites and really fast teams

  • Ruggable’s ecommerce success story and business impact

  • Key strategies for ecommerce companies to future-proof their business

  • Adopting AI for your storefront

  • How Vercel and Contentful work together to enable cross-team creativity and speed


  • Daniel Graupensperger

    Associate Director of Product Management, Ruggable

    Daniel Graupensperger
  • Nicole France

    Chief Evangelist, Contentful

    Nicole France
  • Matt Jared

    Sales Engineer, Vercel

    Matt Jared

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