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At Vercel, we've developed Geist, a typeface specifically designed for developers and designers. We began by creating a monospace version that prioritized readability and seamlessly integrated into coding environments.

After perfecting the monospace variant, we expanded Geist into a Sans version, adding versatility to its capabilities.

Geist embodies our design principles of simplicity, minimalism, and speed, drawing inspiration from the renowned Swiss design movement.

With precision, clarity, and functionality at its core, Geist enhances the visual experience of developers and designers, empowering them to effectively communicate their ideas.

Geist truly represents the coding and design spirit within Vercel's creative community.

How to install


npm i geist
Get the latest Node.js and npm.

Use in Next.js

import { GeistSans } from 'geist/font/sans';
import { GeistMono } from 'geist/font/mono';
Include this code in app/layout.js for App Router, or pages/_app.js for Pages Router. View the README for full instructions.

Get the .zip


Contains otf, woff2 and variable font files. Licensed under OFL. Use it on your sites and projects. Read the license.