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Xata is the serverless database built for modern development.

Xata provides an intuitive and scalable relational database with a powerful real-time search engine, vector database and ChatGPT integration built right in.

Using Xata with Vercel abstracts away the complexity of databases, exposes your data through a type-safe developer experience and enables you to focus on what matters most, building great products.

Additional Information

What the integration does

This integration connects to your Xata database and sets the environment variables in your Vercel project.

In combination with Xata for GitHub, each pull request creates a data-filled preview branch of your database that automatically integrates with your Vercel deployment previews.

Environment variables

The integration sets these environment variables to connect Xata to your Vercel environment:


These variables are used for each branch created in Xata. When a preview branch is created, it will use the preview branch associated with your GitHub pull request instead of the default branch for your production database.