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Wix is a leading platform in the creation, management and growth of digital presences. What began as a website builder in 2006 is now a complete platform providing users with enterprise-grade performance, security, and reliable infrastructure. Wix offers a wide range of commerce and business solutions and advanced SEO and marketing tools, enabling users to fully own their brand, data, and relationships with their customers. Wix is committed to continuous innovation and the delivery of new features and products—with a particular focus on expanding its suite of business APIs to meet the unique demands of any business. Developers can rely upon Wix to build a powerful digital presence on their terms.

Additional Information

This integration will allow you to connect a new or existing Wix Business to your Vercel project(s).

After you have completed the integration setup and successfully linked a Wix Business to your Vercel project(s), head over to your project’s settings page to take a look at the environment variable NEXT_PUBLIC_WIX_CLIENT_ID which is the connection string for your Wix Business.

Using the clientId (NEXT_PUBLIC_WIX_CLIENT_ID) you can integrate your project with Wix backend services as described in this tutorial