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Together AI


Together AI is the fastest cloud platform for building and running generative AI.

  • Together Inference: The fastest inference stack available — just an API call away.
  • Together Fine-tuning: Train your own generative AI model with your private data.
  • Together GPU Clusters: Dedicated training clusters ready-to-go with the Together Custom Models stack.
  • Together Custom Models: Build state-of-the-art models from scratch with ease.

The Together x Vercel integrations allows you to quickly integrate Together AI into your web applications with ease.

Additional Information

This integration will allow you to link your Together AI account with your Vercel projects to sync your Together API token into Vercel Environment Variables.

After you set up the integration, you can go to your Vercel project’s settings page to see the Together API key as an environment variable.

This will allow you to call 100+ open source AI models within a few lines of code using Together's inference API. Check out our documentation for more details.

Get started with Vercel and Together AI.