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GraphQL Made Easy

With StepZen you can generate GraphQL APIs for all your data sources in a declarative way. This includes SQL/NoSQL databases, REST APIs, SOAP and other GraphQL APIs.

Build your fullstack applications using a powerful connection between Next.js, GraphQL and StepZen. Deployed serverless to Vercel!

As your project grows, you can also use StepZen to combine different data sources all in one GraphQL API. This way you can combine Databases, SaaS and Third-Party APIs without having to maintain your own servers.

Additional Information

You can create a new GraphQL API endpoint using StepZen and connect it to a Vercel project, or link your existing StepZen endpoints.

The newly created endpoint is based on our Vercel template that you can clone to your computer to continue development locally.

When you install the StepZen integration, we will store the following variables to your linked Vercel projects:

  • STEPZEN_ACCOUNT: Your unique StepZen account username
  • STEPZEN_API_KEY: The API Key for your StepZen account
  • STEPZEN_ENDPOINT: The StepZen GraphQL API endpoint

If you have any questions related to this integration, reach out to us on Discord or by email

Get started with Vercel and StepZen.