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ServerlessQ allows you to integrate background tasks in Vercel applications.

You can schedule regular events and add background functionality in under 2 minutes!

We offer:

  • Creation of recurring tasks via Cron Jobs
  • Send background tasks to a message queue 👉🏽 No need for your users to wait for long-running tasks
  • Retry failed requests automatically
  • Reuse your Vercel Functions
  • Analyse your requests & failures

You can create message queues and forward your background tasks to these queues.

Additional Information

Get Started Easily

The integration sets up ServerlessQ with you together:

  1. Add the Integration
  2. Select your Vercel Project
  3. Sign-Up for ServerlessQ (or log-in)
  4. We create a queue for you

After that the environment variable will be set:

  • SERVERLESSQ_API_TOKEN: The token you need to authenticate

With these you can simply start queueing your requests.

Get started with Vercel and ServerlessQ.