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ServerlessQ allows you to integrate background tasks in Vercel applications.

You can schedule regular events and add background functionality in under 2 minutes!

We offer:

  • Creation of recurring tasks via Cron Jobs
  • Send background tasks to a message queue 👉🏽 No need for your users to wait for long-running tasks
  • Retry failed requests automatically
  • Reuse your Vercel Functions
  • Analyse your requests & failures

You can create message queues and forward your background tasks to these queues.

Additional Information

Get Started Easily

This integration will set up ServerlessQ together with you.

You only need to select the Vercel projects in which you will use ServerlessQ and we will do the rest for you.

After that the installation we will set this environment variable for you:

  • SERVERLESSQ_API_TOKEN: The token you need to authenticate

With these you can simply start queueing your requests and creating CRON jobs.

Check out our Getting Started Guide

Get started with Vercel and ServerlessQ.