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Sematext Logs

Pro / Enterprise Only


Send logs from your Vercel apps to Sematext for easy debugging and troubleshooting.

Built for Vercel

  • Insight into your whole Vercel account
  • View logs from all projects and apps
  • Out-of-the-box reports show structured function, build, and static logs
  • Set alerts for errors, timeouts, and cold starts
  • Search for specific logs with full-text search
  • Filter logs based on sources, status codes, errors, hosts...
  • Get Started Free with 500MB/day

Additional Information


To configure the integration, click the configure button. You can view all log drains you have, delete existing ones, or create new log drains.

Pro / Enterprise Only

This integration requires a Pro or Enterprise plan.

Get started with Vercel and Sematext Logs.