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Pinecone created the vector database to help engineers build and scale remarkable AI applications. Vector databases have become a core component of GenAI applications, and Pinecone is the market-leading solution with over 5,000 customers of all types and sizes across all industries. Built for and by developers, getting started with Pinecone is a breeze with an intuitive REST API and support for various SDKs. Choose any AI model and perform ultra-fast vector search to retrieve relevant data for search, RAG, recommendation, detection, and other applications.

Additional Information

Pinecone provides the long-term memory for your Vercel AI projects. Using Pinecone with Vercel enables you to quickly set up and authenticate a connection to your Pinecone data/indexes, and then easily scale to support billions of data points. Get started for free with our Starter plan or choose a paid plan to support your production use cases.

After setting up the integration:

  • Use the Pinecone console for in-depth management and monitoring of your indexes.
  • Access our comprehensive guides and tutorials through the Vercel integration panel for quick starts and advanced usage.

Our integration is designed to be self-serve with strong defaults for a smooth setup, with optional advanced settings. For any assistance visit the Pinecone support center or community forum.

Get started with Vercel and Pinecone.