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The integration of Middleware with Vercel enables developers to easily monitor and analyze log and trace data generated on Vercel, gain insights into their applications, and proactively address potential issues. The combination of these powerful tools helps developers optimize their applications and deliver a better user experience.

Additional Information

The Vercel-Middleware integration offers a comprehensive APM solution that enables you to monitor and analyze logs and traces in a unified dashboard. Middleware's real-time monitoring and synthetics monitoring capabilities can provide valuable insights into user behavior and endpoint uptime, enabling you to respond quickly to any potential issues.

In addition, You can create custom dashboards to view trace data, set up alerts on different parameters, and monitor critical issues. The integration enables you to see detailed information about your traces, such as service name, latency, request counts, success ratio, duration, method name, trace profiling, and attributes.

Pro / Enterprise Only

This integration requires a Pro or Enterprise plan.

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Pro Only Integration