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LaunchDarkly feature flags and experimentation tools let engineering teams move faster and make smarter product decisions. Deliver new features more confidently by separating deployment from release to control rollouts, recover from errors instantly, and scale modern practices across an organization. Use LaunchDarkly+Vercel to do targeted rollouts and run experiments with zero latency.

Note: The LaunchDarkly integration is available to customers on an Enterprise LaunchDarkly plan. To learn more, read about LaunchDarkly's pricing. To upgrade your plan, contact LaunchDarkly sales.

Additional Information

Use this integration to export your LaunchDarkly flag configurations to your Vercel Edge Config. Learn more about the power of Edge Config and read the docs to get started!

After installing the integration, add LaunchDarkly Vercel SDK as a dependency in your application using your application's dependency manager.

If you are using npm, run:

npm i @launchdarkly/vercel-server-sdk

If you are using Yarn, run:

yarn add @launchdarkly/vercel-server-sdk

Once the LaunchDarkly Vercel SDK is installed, you can evaluate flags at the edge without network calls to LaunchDarkly, and even bootstrap your client side applications with the full flag config to speed up page load.