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Affordably Debug Anything From Click to Database

Correlate everything you need to fix a bug in one place. Logs, Traces, Errors, and Session Replays.

With HyperDX, you can search across all your application logs with simple keyword search, no complex syntax needed. In one click, you can create alerts that send to Email, Slack or Pagerduty to get alerted when things go wrong (or when a new user signs up!).

Easily chart your logs using pre-built dashboards or quickly build your own with just a few clicks.

After all that, you can add application performance instrumentation and session replay to correlate all your logs and traces from frontend to backend in one place, powered by OpenTelemetry.

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Pro / Enterprise Only

This integration requires a Pro or Enterprise plan.

Get started with Vercel and HyperDX.

Pro Only Integration