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Azure Cosmos DB

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Azure Cosmos DB is Microsoft's fully managed and serverless distributed database with support for NoSQL and relational workloads. It offers global distribution across all Azure regions wherever your users are. Get automatic scalability, enterprise-grade security, and cost-effective consumption-based pricing. Choose from free, provisioned or serverless deployment options to best suit your application needs.

Ready to build your next application quickly with Azure Cosmos DB and Vercel? Read the documentation to learn more.

This version of the integration only supports existing Cosmos DB accounts. Don't have an account? click here. Takes only 2 minutes.

Additional Information

This version of the integration supports only the CosmosDB for NOSQL, Cosmos DB for MongoDB accounts.

After you have completed the integration setup and successfully linked an Azure Cosmos DB database to your Vercel project(s), head over to your project’s settings page to look at the environment variable COSMOSDB_CONNECTION_STRING which is the connection string for your Azure Cosmos DB account.

Check out this tutorial to get started.

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