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Axiom's Vercel integration enables you to monitor the health and performance of your Vercel deployments by ingesting all your request, function, and web vitals data.

Use the pre-built dashboard for an overview across all your Vercel logs and vitals. Drill right down to a specific project and deployment.

Axiom's Smart Filters let you easily filter down to specific Vercel projects or deployments, and use our Quick Queries to get deep insights on how functions are performing with a single-click.

Send structured logs directly from your code and query, stream, & analyze them together with Vercel logs. Create dashboards, setup alerts, share queries with your team, and easily integrate Axiom with other services you use.


Upon linking your project(s), logs will automatically start to flow from Vercel to Axiom. Some features may need further configuration, as detailed below.

Enable Web Vitals

After following the Install a tiny snippet into your _app.js and get full and unsampled web vitals data from all your users right inside Axiom.

Environment Variables

  • NEXT_PUBLIC_AXIOM_INGEST_ENDPOINT - an automatically installed unique endpoint to receive Web Vitals from your project.
Get started with Vercel and Axiom.