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Agility CMS

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Agility helps organizations turn digital storytelling into sales growth and better customer experiences by empowering them to create amazing customer solutions that bridge the online and offline worlds.

As a cloud-native, API-First Content Management Platform hosted on Microsoft Azure, we can scale instantly at a moment's notice while you take care of hosting your front-end solution, or web application on any platform you'd, such as Vercel.

Our integration with Vercel will set the environment variables that allow you to connect to your data from Agility CMS in your Vercel applications. In addition, it will also configure your Agility CMS instance with a preview and production domain, which enables direct links for your content editing team.

Additional Information

You will be asked to Login or Sign Up to Agility CMS. After authenticating with Agility CMS, create or select the Agility CMS Instance you'd like to connect your project to.

The integration will automatically configure the following environment variables: AGILITY_GUID, AGILITY_API_FETCH_KEY, AGILITY_API_PREVIEW_KEY, and AGILITY_SECURITY_KEY.