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PeakActivity is an eCommerce consultancy specializing in digital strategy and technology implementation services. We work with clients to accelerate their digital capabilities, and enable progress at every point of their digital journey. Our core service offerings include technology modernization, eCommerce business optimization, digital innovation, and fractional engineering services.


  • Modernization: Modernization of tech stack and environments (e.g. SystemIntegration, Website Development, Mobile Apps).
  • Optimization: Ongoing optimization of eCommerce channels (e.g. BusinessIntelligence, UX/UI Design, SEO, Conversion Rate Optimization, Email Marketing).
  • Innovation: Creation of innovative strategies and experiences (e.g. MachineLearning, Spatial Computing, Workshops).
  • Engineering Services: Technologists available to work in flexible models (e.g.Various roles, seniority, team integration opportunities, remote options, contract lengths).

Our ideal project

Our ideal project type would fit within the ecommerce space focusing on one or all of three verticals. Innovation, Modernization, and Optimization. For us we are happy to start with shorter project lengths like 6 months but prefer long term projects so we can provide serious impact on the clients business. Even with shorter projects with a smaller scope we find ourselves finding and opening up new opportunities with the client usually driving business longer.

We work in agile software development and plan to continue doing so until our model adapts into a new framework for delivering excellence.

Innovation: AI/AR/VR/ML. More on this here:

Modernization: From pain to progress, unlocking unquestionable scale. More on this here:

Optimization: Eliminating the Friction Factor with BI, data-driven, CRO, A/B testing. More on this here:

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