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Monogram is a Jamstack digital agency from Atlanta.

We thrive at the intersection of great design, cutting-edge technologies, and providing the best service. We help you share your story, empowering you to make your dent in the universe.



Having been a Jamstack agency since before the term was coined, we have been huge proponents of converting monolithic, slow, and fundamentally insecure websites and web applications into fast, modern, CDN-driven web experiences that pass Google’s Core Web Vitals score with flying colors.

UX & UI Design

The best products depend on great design as the starting point for an excellent user experience because we believe design is not just how it looks— design is how it works. We carry an obsessive focus ensuring every pixel, color, and interaction is perfectly delightful.

Web Apps

We design and develop digital products with the latest technologies such as Next.js, Vercel Serverless Functions, Nuxt.js, Firebase, React, Vue, and more. From an idea to a globally-scalable app, Monogram ensures your vision comes to life with the best design and development possible.

How we use Vercel

We love deploying on Vercel. It powers dozens of web applications, and we’re still discovering innovative, new use-cases for the Jamstack methodology: from education software to ecommerce, virtual events, MVPs, and more.

Our ideal project

We don’t focus on any particular industry, we focus on success.

  • We love building Jamstack websites with a headless CMS or ecommerce platform.
  • Starting May 2021, Google will factor your Lighthouse Core Web Vitals score in SEO ranking and indexing. We can help bring you into the green.
  • We love building modern, JavaScript-based web applications that are equal parts good design and good code.
  • We enjoy converting monolithic website frameworks such as Wordpress, Drupal, .NET, and Magento to modern frameworks such as Next.js and Nuxt.js.
  • We want to use our web expertise to help your business be faster, more secure, and easier to manage

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