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Case Study


The world's biggest companies trust MURAL to collaboratively brainstorm and iterate on their ideas online.

Learn how MURAL uses Next.js and Vercel to create the industry's top collaboration software.

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Inception and Today

The MURAL Story

When Mariano Suarez-Battan wanted to organize and share his thoughts with his colleagues, he couldn't find an effective way. He just wanted to be able to easily provide feedback and keep things moving. This sparked the original idea for MURAL — a digital, collaborative whiteboard.

Today, MURAL empowers imagination workers to achieve more. Thousands of creative teams and individuals use MURAL to organize, share, and develop their ideas. MURAL believes that innovation can happen anywhere, beyond the physical limitations of meeting rooms, innovation centers, and in-person workshops.

As a company helping others to thrive remotely, a significant portion of MURAL's 70 member team is distributed remotely, while having offices in San Francisco and Buenos Aires.


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The Top Stack for a Top Product

Next.js and Vercel

MURAL has something to offer for everyone, including independant design consultants, enterprise, and startups. Accordingly, houses over 200 pages of content, backed by a Headless CMS so that their non-technical staff can also contribute.

The MURAL website is powered by Next.js — using styled-components for painless styling. Storybook helps the engineering team generate a component explorer effortlessly, while StoryShots helps with snapshot testing.

Thanks to Automatic Code-Splitting and SSR, combined with a global Edge Network, MURAL engineers are able to ensure visitors experience blazing fast performance, wherever they are. The team loves the combination of Next.js and Vercel.


World-Class Infrastructure — No DevOps Required

The most prominent companies of our time use MURAL to brainstorm their ideas. It's very critical for MURAL to ensure all-round availability, and consistent performance for their customers located throughout the globe.

By offering the MURAL team a simple interface to deploy their products, while doing the heavy-lifting around serving content globally with top-notch infrastructure, Vercel cuts their infrastructure costs in half and eliminates the need for a dedicated DevOps team.

Alexis Sgarbossa, Dev & Product Designer at MURAL

Vercel allows us to go almost #noOps and deploy several apps with ease in a fast and reliable way. Serverless on localhost is pretty dope.

`now dev` is a huge addition to our stack.

Alexis Sgarbossa, Dev & Product Designer at MURAL

With a single platform for automatically configured, HTTPS-enabled custom domain names, free built-in CDN, and push to deploy capability, Alexis and his team are able to iterate on MURAL with no DevOps chops required.


Savings on Travel


Increased Productivity


In-Person Workshop Savings
Small Teams, Grand Outcomes

An All-In-One Package

Thanks to the mix of Vercel and Next.js combined with a Headless CMS, MURAL is able to create a ton of content on the fly, in real-time, and with automatic scalability.

Within MURAL, they call it #noOps — being able to work with a small team of designers and engineers rapidly iterating on their work, without needing to worry about deployments or server configuration.

Setting the Industry Standard for Collaboration

Robots, AI, Machines, Skynet. They are here to stay... and to enhance us. The Knowledge Worker of the future is self programmed and made out of zeros and ones. They will not (necessarily) kill us. They will definitely help us and save us time from things that we wished we didn't do when we were kids.

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Mariano Suarez-Battan
Co-Founder & CEO of MURAL

As humans, we love to be creative. We like to imagine new possibilities and go after them. The ones that are more savvy will also know how to marry that possibility with a real problem and make a lot of people happy... and make a profit. We want to enable people to take their ideas to reality. That means helping understand problems, understand who they are helping, come up with countless possibilities, select the ideas that are the best fit and blueprint them so that they can be prototyped and tested.


Where will your idea take you?