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Virtual Event Starter Kit

With 80,000 registrants and 40,000 attendees, the Next.js Conf marketers & developers needed performance at scale, so they created the Virtual Event Starter Kit.

Clone, deploy, and fully customize for your online event.






Simultaneous Stages



The turning point

Next.js Conf was designed to be a turning point for the projects, companies, and even careers of attendees, which meant certain conference platform requirements were non-negotiable.

The solution became clear after evaluating typical platforms: instead of purchasing a solution, success depended on a collaboration between marketers and developers using Next.js and Vercel.

Performance at scale

Flexibility to choose the best streaming backend. Pages must stay fast, even with high traffic.

Mobile optimized

Responsive pages for all screen sizes are a must for virtual attendees.

Zero downloads

View in any browser, on any device, without any downloads.

Moderated chat

Chat shouldn’t distract from content, and bad actors should quickly be removed.

Custom design

User experience belongs in the hands of the event team, beyond basic white labeling.

Drive registrations

A frictionless, engaging registration page drives conversions more than any part of the event plan.

Sponsor expo

Participating companies should have flexibility in content they provide.

Job fair

Online events are a natural time for job seekers and job providers to connect.

Data management

Non-technical team members can edit speakers, sponsors, and content.

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Launch your event.

Jumpstart your virtual event and scale to any size.

Clone & deploy with one-click to Vercel.
Clone & deploy with one-click to Vercel.
Customize for your needs
Customize for your needs

Use our defaults, or choose your database, authentication, & headless CMS. Learn more on GitHub.