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A component for user surveys, allowing multi-step flows and keyboard navigation. Supports single and multiple-choice selection, and short or long text inputs.

What is your favorite color?

  • a

  • b

  • c

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Some fields have built-in validation. Custom regex is supported.

Input Validation

Code Editor

Use the prompt prop with SurveyModal to display a prompt to start the survey.

Use the promptWithToast prop to display the survey toast.

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Use the hideIfAlreadySeen prop to prevent the survey modal from opening if the user has previously dismissed the survey toast or submitted the survey.

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When you need a blocking network request prior to closing the modal.

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Submitting to the built-in survey endpoint is as simple as using the `createSurveyEntry` helper.

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Use the enableSkip prop to display an explicit Skip button on the first step.