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Unlock the full
potential of Next.js

Vercel enables you to develop, preview, and ship every Next.js feature, without configuration.

Designed for Next.js

Developed by the team behind Next.js, Vercel will automatically support every Next.js feature, forever.

Zero configuration

Vercel takes the zero-configuration mentality of Next.js to the cloud, so you can deploy your app in seconds.

Edge, optimized

Vercel’s infrastructure is built to amplify the capabilities of Next.js at the edge.

Just deploy

The deep integration between Next.js and Vercel’s Edge Network allows you to preview, test, and deploy your app without worrying about infrastructure.

Just deploy
Just deploy

Fast gets faster

Performance optimizations built into Next.js are automatically supported and enhanced on Vercel, creating smooth, interactive experiences that feel instant for every user.

Fast gets faster
Fast gets faster

Out-of-the-box features

Vercel provides everything you need to deploy and optimize your Next.js app for production, with zero configuration needed.

Automatic SSL

Vercel automatically aliases your chosen domain name to the latest deployment and ensures fresh certificates are installed.

Edge Functions

Dynamically route pages at the Edge with Middleware, deployed globally by default on Vercel with Edge Functions.

Hosting configuration

Easily configure your DNS settings, create custom domains, launch custom error pages, and customize headers.

Git integration

Import your Git repository with one click, then push your app to our global Edge Network. Every time you make a pull or merge request, Vercel creates a unique deployment.

Preview mode

Securely preview your app on the same global cloud infrastructure as your production deployment with every Git push.

Vercel Checks

Run automated tests for performance and reliability on every pull request and block merging unless performance budgets and tests pass.

Vercel Analytics

Collect Web Vitals from the actual devices your visitors are using and draw actionable insights by seeing which pages and source code contribute to your score.

Monorepo support

Build and deploy multiple projects in parallel from the same Git repo and selectively ignore the Build Step for unchanged projects.

Atomic deploys

Every Vercel deploy is immutable, and domains act as pointers. Reverting and deploying is an atomic swap operation.

Image optimization

Achieve ideal loading times and prevent layout shifts with next/image—automatically supported and served from our Edge Network.

Workflow integrations

Integrate your favorite commerce, logging, databases, CMS, monitoring, DevTools, messaging, and code repository tools seamlessly into your development.


Take advantage of our built-in routing system that directs users to different content based on the visitor’s preferred language.

Trusted by enterprises

Trusted by some of the world's largest companies for their Next.js deployments, Vercel Enterprise provides the features and support you need to grow quickly, reliably, and securely.

Stay secure

Fortify your apps with SAML/SSO, DDoS mitigation, and SOC2 audit reports.

Succeed at scale

Keep up with customer demand with Vercel’s serverless, autoscaling infrastructure and 99.99% SLA.

Access experts

Gain a commited success team and access to the developers behind your most-used tools.

Built for teams

Give your team the tools to unblock and accelerate their development.

Trusted by enterprises
Trusted by enterprises


The development platform for the best frontend teams.