A Hobby or Pro team account and their data will not be immediately pruned from our database upon requesting and confirming deletion from the dashboard.

This behavior acts as a safeguard in case the user has accidentally requested and confirmed deletion. If the user has not removed all traces of deployments and domains from their account before deletion, these deployments and domains will continue to exist as they were until the account is pruned from the database.

Pruning Times

You can choose to wait until our pruner rotates to completely remove the account from our database.

For Hobby accounts, the waiting period is 4 days.

For Pro team accounts, the waiting period is 4 days.

After the waiting period has passed, all projects and domains will be completely removed, freeing all domains related to that account.

Manual Removal

If you wish to expedite the pruning process of your deleted account, please contact Vercel Support using the support form available from the Vercel dashboard.

You can also directly email support@vercel.com. Please make sure to include the email and name of the deleted account.

Last Edited on September 15th 2020