Vercel Support is available to help answer questions and resolve any issues relation to deployments made on the platform, in addition to this, there is also the option to receive support from the community.

Direct Channels

Vercel offers a number of channels for reaching out to the team directly:

  • Support — If you are facing any issues while using the platform, please reach out to Vercel Support using the support form available from the Vercel dashboard. If you need to submit attachments with your request, you can also email
  • Sales — We want all teams using our platform to succeed. If you want to discuss an enterprise plan for your projects, you can contact our enterprise department here.
  • Abuse — If you believe that a Vercel deployment contains malicious or illegal content, please email where the request will be dealt with immediately. When doing this, please provide as much relevant information as possible.
  • Sponsorship — Do you have a hackathon or event that you would like Vercel to sponsor? Email and we will be happy to discuss ways in which we can help.

Community Channels

You can exchange ideas with other Vercel customers in the following channels:

Last Edited on July 4th 2020