Can I redirect from a subdomain to a subpath?

Vercel (and Next.js) both offer the ability to add Redirects and Rewrites to your application. This approach is for commonly used for subpaths. For example, adding a redirect from to

If you want to redirect to, you'll need to configure a proxy deployment.

Configuring a Proxy Deployment

  1. First, create a new project inside Vercel.
  2. Next, add the subdomain to your project settings (e.g.
  3. Then, add a vercel.json file like below.
  4. Finally, deploy your application to production.
  "redirects": [
    { "source": "/", "destination": "" }

An example redirect object configuration inside vercel.json.

When a request is made to, the proxy server will redirect to

Updated October 7th 2020