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Monitor performance and page experience over time with Foo's Vercel integration. Every production deployment is tested via Lighthouse, surfacing a historical timeline of scores and insights. Synthetic (lab) data from Lighthouse is important in providing details that help identify specific issues and opportunities for improvement.

Foo can also run audits automatically throughout the day based on your plan. Foo offers free and paid account plans for different levels of service.

For the best illustration of what Foo provides, please see our demos or read about our services in this article.

Additional Information

  • On every successful Vercel production deployment, Foo will run both mobile and desktop Lighthouse audits against all pages you've added on Foo matching the production domains you've specified during setup.
  • Results of each Lighthouse audit are persisted to your account and surfaced in historical timelines of scores for each page. In the timeline chart each Vercel deployment will be displayed as a marker and annotation of the deployment. This way, if you have a premium plan in which Lighthouse runs occur throughout the day or if you've manually triggered any, the ones ran via Vercel can be easily identified by these markers (screenshot below).
  • Number of Lighthouse audits ran per day are limited by account plan "triggered Lighthouse runs per day".
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