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The native Next.js platform.

Made by the creators of Next.js, Vercel is designed to build, scale, and secure your Next.js apps.

Cache, controlled.

Define per-component response revalidation that persists across deploys with Vercel's Data Cache.

Fastest Next.js builds.

Build, test, iterate, and deploy at record, industry-leading speeds with Vercel’s Build Pipeline.

Deploy with zero downtime.

Protect against version skew and cache-related downtime with framework-aware infrastructure.

Vercel’s Frontend Cloud.

Providing the developer experience and infrastructure to build, scale, and secure a faster, more personalized web.

Vercel’s Frontend Cloud.

Traditional deployment tools weren’t built for frontend development. Vercel is the DX Platform that has teams shipping 6x faster.

DX Platform
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Infrastructure on autopilot.

Your gateway to globally fast, infinitely scalable, and always reliable web apps.

Nodes on the globe are sending out small pulses to indicate activity

Out-of-the-box support.

No company in the world is more integrated with the creators of both Next.js and React than Vercel. Understanding the challenges of high-performance teams and applications is our primary role.

Advanced observability.

Understand Next.js performance with Vercel's Speed Insights and monitoring tools.

Zero configuration.

Git push to update your Next.js site and deploy globally in seconds.

Edge Middleware.

Run A/B tests, experiment, and feature flag using Vercel Edge Middleware.

Incremental Static Regeneration (ISR).

Globally update content from your headless CMS or database in 300ms without redeploying.

Server-Side Rendering (SSR).

Autoscaling Serverless Functions to dynamically render your Next.js application.

Static Site Generation (SSG).

Prerender and automatically cache and distribute generated Next.js pages to every Vercel Edge Network region.

Create public APIs.

Build high-performance APIs that are deployed to every Vercel Edge Network region.

Routing and nested layouts.

Create routes using the file system, including support for more advanced routing patterns and UI layouts.

Application security.

Create private connections between Serverless Functions and your backend cloud.

First-class Enterprise features.

Secure by design. From automatic HTTPS and SSL encryption to industry-leading DDoS mitigation and Firewall, Vercel is your partner in infrastructure security.


Architected for resilience. Next.js and Vercel deliver maximum uptime with seamless edge caching and revalidation support out of the box.

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Partial prerendering.

Ultra-quick static edge delivery with fully dynamic capabilities.

  • Extract and prerender all static content. Automatically get an optimized HTML page shell.

  • Prerender fallbacks of dynamic content. Leave space in your app for data to flow in.

  • Stream in your dynamic content. Personalize the experience. Define granular loading and error states.

  • Learn about PPRExperimental

Deploy with Next.js on Vercel.

Deploy your Next.js application to Vercel with zero-config support for every Next.js feature.