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Myplanet is a software studio and certified BCorp based in Toronto, with global studio presence. We work with the world’s most influential organizations to catalyze change across business silos.

We’re headless specialists, focusing on best-of-breed commerce solutions. Using data driven design, we help brands to deploy multi-interface experiences and create orchestrated journeys that feel personalized from start to finish.


Myplanet offers the following services:

  • Composable / Headless Experience Accelerators
  • Platform Consulting
  • Optimization & Support

Our ideal project

You are a B2C brand where you engage with customers across multiple channels, and have stretched the capabilities of a monolithic commerce platform to the point you find yourself building everything manually. You are looking to transition to the best-of-breed Composable Commerce solutions and need support in accelerating time to value, while also adopting best practices around design and data driven decision making.

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North America, Europe

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