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GeekyAnts is a leading product design & development  studio with a team of 600+, based in London, San Francisco and Bangalore. With a focus on empowering everyone to build things, they are dedicated to innovation, collaboration, & open-source contributions. Known for delivering high-quality products to clients like Darden, Google & MPL, GeekyAnts also prioritizes a supportive work environment. Their motto is to research, collaborate and build better products for the companies they partner with.


GeekyAnts offers a wide range of app design and development services. Our team of experts and open source contributors can help you with the following - 

  • Full stack Web development with Next.js, React, Angular
  • Full stack Mobile development with React Native, Flutter
  • UI/UX design for web and mobile apps
  • Consulting for your tech products
  • Web and mobile Performance audits
  • Augmenting dev teams
  • Collaboration on OSS projects
  • Testing, documentation and deployment

Our ideal project

We work best with clients who have clear business requirements and are looking for a partner. We use an agile, phased approach & provide ongoing support for a high-quality app that meets client & user needs. Ideally, we would like to build apps using Next.js, React, React Native & Flutter. We are usually looking for long-term partnerships with our clients to help know and scale their business. 

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